HMSC, Inc provides: Seismic Station Installation and Monitoring, Custom Sensor Designs, Seismic Event Data Processing, Operation and Maintenance of Seismic Stations and Networks. With over 30 years experience.

Build and Install Dedicated Seismic Networks for monitoring induced seismicity associated with wastewater injection or hydraulic fracturing (fracking).
Over 420 stations installed in the United States, New Zealand and
Australia for monitoring both wastewater injections wells, hydro-fracturing sites and Geothermal.
Integrated Seismic Station with real-time communications and data acquisition. Work with data logger manufacturers, communica-tions hardware companies, and solar system providers to fully
integrate seismic stations with
real-time data communications and acquisition.


Pre-Drilling Background Monitoring of new sites to provide data recording and interpretation looking for pre-drilling seismic activity
Install Borehole Stations
Install sensors to depths of over 10,000’ with many at 1,000’ to 2,500’ depths. Instrumented a 3,000’ deep deviated borehole with 69 channels of data. Manufactured post hole 2Hz sensors specifically designed for monitoring induced
seismicty and micro-seismic events.
Real-Time Event Detection and Location Services
HMSC Inc. works closely with our clients providing them with real time event detection and location services. 
HMSC Inc. also works with other business partners, providing fully integrated solutions from installation and maintenance of stations, event detection and location, and integration with the client’s proprietary data. 
Expert Testimony
Currently, Mr. Hasting, President/CEO of HMSC, Inc is recognized by Courts of Law as an expert on induced seismicity and induced seismic monitoring.