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HMSC Specializes in the Monitoring, Design, Installation, Integration, Operations and Maintenance of Seismic Monitoring Networks Worldwide.  We have extensive expertise in Borehole Seismology for Monitoring Induced Seismicity, as well as Geothermal, Mining and Regional Seismicity,


HMSC has Installed over 2000 Seismic Stations Worldwide, many of which are deployed at depths over 2km below the surface. Over the past three years HMSC has been an integral part of the “Shake Alert” network, installing over +200 seismic stations in Washington and Oregon for the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network (PNSN). 


HMSC currently Monitors and Maintains Several Proprietary Seismic Networks throughout the USA for Oil, Gas, Mining and Geothermal Operations.  We Pride Ourselves in Providing our Clients with High Quality Real-Time Micro-Seismic Event Locations, as well as, Interfacing with Various Government Agencies on behalf of our Clients.


 Through the years HMSC has developed a name for itself in the field of Seismology and is known for providing high quality Seismic Station, Network Design, Integration, Installation and Monitoring Worldwide. All while at the same time working within the client’s budget, with Purchase, Rental, or Lease to Own options, as a cost-effective turnkey solution. We work closely with County, State or Federal agencies to meet and or exceed Compliance Monitoring Requirements.  


HMSC, INC. has multiple Locations throughout the US with offices and warehouses in California, Texas and Washington.  We are licensed Contractors and Registered as Foreign Corporations in most states which allows us to work legally and in Compliance throughout the US. 



HMSC, Inc is a Certified Small and DVBE Business

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